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Guess who’s becoming a Drywall Diva?

I am. I got an estimate of 8K to hang and finish the drywall in this old house, I don’t have an extra 8K laying around so I decided to give it a try myself. Well, it’s a whole lot harder than it looks for sure. Pro’s always make it look easy. I ain’t no pro, but I am gettin’ it done…one slow ass sheet at a time.

We decided to start in the kitchen because it was probably the easiest to tackle. It went really well! The ceiling is a hot mess and I plan to cover that with old wood, the walls aren’t much better so I’m thinking tin on the sink wall. My work is of course stellar ;), but I am working with old work that is not.

Next we started on the downstairs bath. It’s small and should be easy, right? Not so much.

downstairs bath

Not sure why I don’t have more pictures but this little bathroom was a bitch. This was the first time we hung drywall on the the ceiling. Good lord! After one sheet we were beat! This room is almost done but I have some questions for my carpenter.

Next we moved on to the middle room. So we started by the door with short pieces and they were still a bitch. THEN I GOT A LIFT! I was planning to get one but held off for some reason then after talking to my contractor I took the plunge and I am SO happy I did! It makes it so easy to lift a full sheet and it will hold all day if you want. Best $286 spent. I got mine from Home Depot and this is the one. Don’t worry no affiliate links here. There is a little more work to be done here but again, questions and help are needed from the carpenter.

And now we are in the the ‘Turret Room”. This old gal has a beautiful turret with tall windows. And. lots. of. angles.

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