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It all started in junior high school…

I am fortunate enough to have gone to school at a time when they taught cooking and sewing. I started sewing in junior high and haven’t stopped. Sewing led to other crafts. I come from talented women so it’s in my DNA.

My work varies from watercolor and gouache paintings to welded garden art. I also make soap, candles, and re-style furniture. Recently I have discovered surface design and that is rapidly becoming another area for me to work within. Creating art for products is a blast!

Having lots of interests keeps me on my toes and always provides something for me to do. I like to be busy.

I am inspired by nature and the human condition. My goal is for my work to create a sense of peace and balance in this crazy world. I want my work to make people feel good!

So whether you buy a bar of soap, piece of garden art, pattern or painting, know that my intention is that it brings you joy and peace!